Thursday, June 24, 2010

Need pictures

Ok, family, lets break out those old pictures and get a posting. It is really easy to do. If you have an old picture and want me to post email it to me and I will get it on here.

I have some great ones of when we were kids. Maybe some of these pictures will confirm Shannon's ideas of when we were kids. LOL


  1. I wish I had old pics of your family so you can have a post.. LOL. You seem so lonely all by your self. Here is a cup of coffee for ya
    c(_) Enjoy!

  2. I feel that everyone is ignoring me, LOL!! Thanks for the coffee. Good thing you are on a the blog. Just post pics of your family and we will tell them it ours family and freak them out!!!

  3. Hi again.. geesh things haven't changed yet?? LOL. Now I think you need stronger than coffee \_/ lil shot glass for ya.. LOL

  4. Thanks for such a fun time over the holidays.. I had fun playing games.. eating great food and laughing it up with the whole Sullivan, Baires, McCormack, etc. etc. fam! Happy New Year!